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An Interfaith / Interspiritual Minister might be a great choice for your wedding if…

Different Religions

You are marrying someone from a different religious tradition and you are hoping to tap into the most beautiful and sacred parts of both of your traditions to create a truly special ceremony that reflects a blending of that which is most special to both of you.

More Spiritual

You define yourself as being spiritual but not particularly religious and you would like to create a meaningful ceremony that reflects your values as a couple and what is important for you in your life together

Love Ceremony

You are not interested in a ceremony that is spiritual or religious, and you would like one that reflects your love and that which is most meaningful to you as a couple.

A Uniique Location

You want to be married in a place that is most special and sacred to both of you….it may be a church, but it also may be a beach or in a rose garden.

Reverend Christie Mabry

Reverend Christie Mabry

Wedding Ministry Overview

You’re getting married…..congratulations!!

I am an ordained Interfaith / Interspiritual minister, and I would love to help you create the perfect ceremony for you and your beloved!

Interfaith / Interspiritual ministers have a working knowledge of and, more importantly, a deep appreciation for the beauty inherent within the mystical core of the world’s major wisdom traditions including the ancient traditions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and spirituality from the indigenous traditions as well as newer and emerging traditions.

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